Hi, I’m Dan. Accredited coach, flow seeker, and serial entrepreneur. I coach leaders, founders, and CEOs to live better, do more, and make a positive dent in the world. I also own and operate a creative studio specialising in sustainable development, brand, design, and marketing.   

I’ve been bringing ideas to market for over 18 years and created some pretty out-there projects, usually combining music, art, food, travel, and wellness. From club nights to nightclubs and from festivals to resorts, all intended to unite and inspire. Highlights include:

2002 – Central

2004 – Wax:On

2011 – Hideout 

2012 – Canal Mills

2013 – Unknown Festival

2016 – Obonjan Island

2019 – Beat Hotel 

2020 – Inner State

2021 – In the beginning

Dan Blackledge Approach

Everyone breaks

Around fifteen years into my career creating music events and festivals, I embarked on a very unique project that seemed beautiful and full of promise. While it was a massive achievement getting it built and launched back in 2016, it actually ended up turning toxic, hurting a lot of people and ultimately failing. 

How did it fail? For my part, I was operating from a place of deep dissatisfaction and fear, being dogmatic and uncompromising and failed to understand the value of critical analysis, legal structures and company culture (that ought to do it).  

It hurts when you break. And many of us do at some point, for some reason or another. The challenge is to take power from the fails and come back stronger. 

This experience reshaped my whole perspective on business and myself. I’ve since been on an incredible journey of learning and self-discovery, found love, had a baby and launched a few new businesses along the way.

Dan Blackledge Services


I live to create inspirational experiences, unlock human potential, and bring ideas into existence. I’m passionate about positive impact and believe it starts from within us as individuals – our personal development. I invest a huge amount of time, money, and energy in my training, education and health. I’m also mentored and coached by progressive leaders in performance, flow, finance, and sustainability.  

I believe the world is full of beauty and that there’s a lot to be grateful for. I also think we currently exist in a finite paradigm where winners take all, and wealth and resources are unevenly distributed. In this state, work and career can take over and consume. We are in danger of forgetting how to be human. Many of us find ourselves stuck in a constant state of struggle, unable to prioritise and plagued by distractions. 

Dan Blackledge Results

My Aim

My aim as a coach is to hold space for introspection and innovation, help people change their frequency, own and tune their awareness, and design a better future. To help build the numbers in the infinite paradigm, where there are no losers, only players – creators and innovators, and where the goal is to make things better and bring everyone along for the ride.


If any of the above resonates with you, I’d love to have a conversation to see if we can work together. Get in touch here to arrange an intro call.