PositiveProfitsTM is a team, process and system developed to guide regenerative culture; helping businesses create better conditions to support economic, community and environmental health.

The Process

Baseline Assessment

  • A detailed analysis of your current economic, environmental and social impact.
  • A gap analysis of your current policies and procedures.
  • A suite of suggestions for immediate improvements.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Identify all stakeholders, from directors and shareholders to your customers and supply chain.
  • Create outreach policy to maximise stakeholder relationships.
  • Highlight the most efficient directions towards impact targets.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Live Impact data; economic, environmental and social.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Consolidate ideas for new brands, products, services and designs.
  • Guide and refine strategic management decisions.
  • Reporting to stakeholders and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Strategy, Policies and Procedures

  • Draft aligned strategy, policies and procedures with stakeholders.
  • Update live documents based on data, priorities and decision-making.
  • Create company culture and team behaviours informed by real-time information.
  • Ensure staff and stakeholder engagement.
  • Adhere to legal and company culture best practices.

Management Framework and Mentoring

  • Ongoing mentoring to support the full time team.
  • Refine and respond to incoming intelligence, operational learning and feedback.
  • Guide management decision making.
  • Support towards ongoing growth and impact targets.
  • Advice, assistance and expertise for ongoing development.


Improve sales, and potential for investment and regeneration grants.

Cost Savings

Capital and operational through performance, maintenance and utilities.


Better customer acquisition and retention.


Enhances brand recognition, reputation and loyalty.


Comprehensive and trustworthy data to make stronger strategic decisions.


Use indicators to decide your most effective next steps.


Expand into new products, services, brands and locations.


Influence wider thinking; strategies policies and projects.


Go beyond compliance and sustainable development standards to take a leading role.


Raise your reputation, profile and leadership status.